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We offer 2 types of stay as well as "à la carte" educational modules

Whatever the option chosen, your companion is with us 24 hours a day and benefits from 5 fenced and secure parks. All formulas include accommodation as well as food.

- The “FUN” FORMULA offers 3 fun educational outings per day.

The outings last between 30 min and 1h30 depending on the weather and the capacities of the other congregants present. Your dog can run and play at will in a private park of 20,000 m². We also take advantage of the outing to do educational exercises adapted to your dog's level. Fixed assets, the recall ...

- The “JANGOCAMP” FORMULA offers 3 fun educational outings + a “CAMPUS” module per day.

The "CAMPUS" modules are individual lessons which take place on a 2000 m² plot dedicated to agility and educational exercises. They last around 30 minutes depending on your dog's ability to concentrate. The content of the sessions is adapted to the level of your companion as well as your needs.

You can choose between:

- The “Education” module : the courses aim to work on walking on a leash, immobilizations, simple positions, recall and / or to prepare your companion for CSAU. They are intended for puppies and dogs who need to learn basic commands.

- The "Obedience" module : Adapted to more seasoned dogs, the courses aim to obtain obedience without a leash. They make it possible to perfect complex positions, remote orders, object reporting, tracking, etc.

- The "Agility" module : Recognized for its sporting interest, for speed etc., agility is also, for us, a "variant" which allows us to lead and train dogs in a very fun way. It is intended for dogs who master the basic orders and who need to let off steam.

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In Practice :

1 / Upon your arrival, we carry out together an evaluation session which allows us to offer you the activities or educational priorities most suited to your dog and your needs. We can also prepare the passage of the CSAU (certificate of sociability and aptitude for use)

2 / We take care of the training of your dog according to the chosen stay formula.

3 / At the end of the stay, we offer the owners a private lesson to assess the progress and send you the orders that your dog will have acquired during his stay.

Note that all family members are cordially invited to participate in this lesson.

(For more information on the content of our programs and our educational method, please contact us)

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