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Obedience, puppy school, socialization


You would like your companion to be calm at home and in public spaces, to obey in all circumstances, to be a player, a protector, etc.

Or do you wish to "socialize" it with its peers?


We can help you.


For more than 4 years, we have educated our Belgian Shepherds Tervuren so that they are the "Shepherds of the family": Guardians, firefighters and happy companions. At the same time, our education center welcomes dogs of all ages and all breeds. We train “working dogs” (tracking, obedience…) as well as companion dogs (basic education, preparation for training…)


Each dog is unique and the levers that reward positive behavior are not the same for everyone. Also, each owner has specific expectations or problems.

In addition, we are aware of the importance of socialization between congeners.


To meet this double need which is to get the dog to listen and pay attention and at the same time to promote its socialization, JANGO CAMP offers a new concept of individual and personalized dog training courses " All in One ". (about 1h30)




1 / To start, we isolate the dog and its owner on our educational ground to better capture the dog's attention, offer "tailor-made" exercises and thus obtain greater efficiency in learning.
2 / Then, we organize meetings with compatible and well educated congeners. Either to work on specific exercises or
to play, relax and learn canine language and codes. (depending on age and needs).
3 / We answer questions and advise the owners.


What is socialization (or socialization)?


When a puppy grows up and lives in a "pack" (with its dog family or its congeners), it must be well "coded" to find its place and live in peace with its companions.

Small, the puppy will try to chew its mother, challenge it, annoy its brothers and sisters, or be bothered, it all depends on the temperament.

The mother will then "code" it, that is to say scold it when necessary, or even appear "aggressive". But it is not nothing, this behavior is natural and especially essential for the future life of the dog.

How many poorly weaned dogs, separated too early from their siblings present behavior problems in adulthood?

We therefore offer you socialization courses.

Puppy school for the youngest and then targeted stays for the most mature.

Our adult dogs are balanced and they are our assistants for the socialization of dogs of all ages.



Our strengths :

- A team formed and passionate.
- Different parks dedicated to agility, education and socialization.

- School of the puppy supervised by our team and our dogs trained for.
- Tailor-made lessons to make the most of the dog's abilities.
- Quick results appreciated by all of our customers.



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