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When in 2015 we bought our dogs, we hoped to train them so that they become “The Shepherds of the Family”. Guardians, firefighters and above all, happy companions capable of following us in any circumstances.

We started with JANGO the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren. A powerful physique combined with incredible sweetness and devotion. Then, Jessie the Border Collie, an athletic build under her small size, always ready for new adventures, be it sport, agility and long walks.

The Tervueren quickly showed itself to be remarkable.

Guardian by nature, he is not aggressive neither with his fellows nor with humans, but he is a real alarm. Particularly dissuasive by its build and its "wolf's mouth", it guards our house, our children ... and warns us of any presence on approach.

Firefighter at heart, we have reinforced this quality by training him in the tracking and people search certificate. He obtained the CSAU with the mention "Excellent"!

We give him unfailing confidence. If our children got lost in the forest, He would put all his energy to help us.

Merry companion, sociable, accomplice of the family, he is very versatile. Cani-cross, cani-mtb, edge races ... it can follow us in all our activities. Perfectly socialized and knowing "good manners", he can also adapt to our way of life and accompany us to restaurants, hotels etc.

We have also found that when other dogs come for training at "Jango Camp", they instinctively follow our companions, by mimicry. Jango has a natural ability to federate his fellows, to maintain order and peace in the group. He is the center's 4-legged coach. Our Doctor Jango helps fearful and aggressive dogs (that we say badly “coded”) to find their place in the pack. Thanks to him, they feel perfectly integrated, an essential key to their balance.

It is with this successful experience beyond our expectations that we decided to create JANGO CAMP DOG FARM (Elevage de Berger Belges Tervueren), by acquiring NASKA, a little facetious and intrepid furball, in the process of education, and future mother of our breeding.

To learn more about the pedigrees of our stallion Jango and our litter Naska, please consult our " Breeding " tab


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