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The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren is naturally a firefighter at heart. We reinforce this quality by research and tracking work under the advice of high-level trainers and competitors and in the company of Avalanche dog handlers.

Objective: Train the dog so that it is able to rescue us in the event of distress (child lost in the forest, drowning, etc.)


We prepare our dogs so that they are able to stand guard, protect our house, our car etc…

Objective: educate him to be a deterrent alarm and to prevent any suspicious presence on approach. He must also prevent any intrusion without, however, throwing himself on people without having been ordered to do so .


We educate and socialize our dogs to be the accomplices of the family, capable of accompanying us in Cani-mtb, Cani-cross but also in town, at the restaurant or in any other circumstances.

Objective: discover the joys of the "dog / human" duo that cani-sports provide.

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