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Offrir un second foyer à votre chien

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Jango Camp is a "Dog Holiday Camp" which welcomes your companions during your absence as part of fun and educational courses. Dogs are not isolated in boxes. They live with us 24 hours a day. We take care of it so that they can enjoy a studious and active holiday!


- Fun outings and educational activities every day.

-No psychological isolation, your dog will not remain alone in a cage during your absence!


-A trained and passionate team: The members of Jango Camp are holders of the CCAD (Certificate of capacity for people carrying out activities related to pets, dog category). Training as a dog trainer at the GTAAF center and continuing education in the fields of tracking, people finding and obedience.

-A confidential and family structure limited to 6 dogs allowing them to be given time and attention.

-Two private parks of 2000 m² enclosed and secure, dedicated to the practice of agility and educational exercises, located on a private area of ​​20000 m².

- News every day from your companions (via sms, messenger ...) with photos and videos.

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