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This package has a triple objective:

- Help the teachers quickly adopt the right attitudes to prevent the puppy from developing bad habits.
- Acquire the basics of canine education (walking on a leash, positions, immobilizations, etc.)
- Promote socialization between congeners.

We advise you to bring the sessions closer together in order to take advantage of the puppy's “malleability”.



"CUSTOM" PACKAGE from 10 months



Our goal is to take stock in order to adapt the sessions to your dog's level of education and to your expectations.

We will then offer you one of the following activities:


- "Education" : the courses aim to work on walking on a leash, immobilizations, simple positions, recall and / or to prepare your companion for CSAU. They are aimed at dogs who need to learn basic commands.


- "Obedience" : Adapted to more seasoned dogs, the courses aim to obtain obedience without a leash. They make it possible to perfect complex positions, remote orders, object reporting, tracking, etc.


- “Agility” : Recognized for its sporting interest, for speed etc., agility is also, for us, a “variant” which allows us to lead and train dogs in a very playful way. It is intended for dogs who master the basic orders and who need to let off steam.


Prices :

190 € for 5 sessions

Hours :
Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. depending on your availability.

For more information, contact us

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